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On the Correct Posture
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Oct 11, 2022
6:19 PM
Bi Xia kissed his ear, touched his head and said,smart interactive whiteboard, "Go to sleep. I'll watch over you." Gou Liang was not sleepy, but in his soft voice, he soon fell asleep on his shoulder. When I woke up again, it was noon. Lin Daochang was the first to find Gou Liang coming back and hurriedly came out to greet him. Gou Liang had a good impression of him, so he reminded him, "The ancestors of the Ming family made a solemn vow to serve the ghost king, but now they are perfidious. What the Ming family is suffering now is only the consequences of their own evil.". Last night, I had subdued the ghost king and cut off his earthly relationship with the earthly world. In the future,interactive kiosk price, without the protection of the ghost king, the Ming family will enter an outcome that is beyond the control of ordinary people. Lin Daochang should not get too deeply involved in the situation, so as not to get involved in unnecessary causes and effects of right and wrong, which will ruin his spiritual practice. The Taoist Lin quickly thanked him and said, "What Meng Tianshi said is very true. Lao Dao will keep it in mind.". However, I came to Futaba City this time not for the sake of the Ming family, but was entrusted by the organization to eliminate harm for one side. I'm ashamed to say that the old way is still shallow, and I can't deal with that sneaky person. I wanted to ask for help from above, but since I met Meng Tianshi here, I wonder if you have any free time recently? "What's the matter? Tell me." Gou Liang is now also taking the salary of the state, each time out of the task allowance is also a lot, eat your salary to bear your worries, naturally there is no reason to refuse. What's more, there are still people in the capital who want to visit him, and they are happy to delay him for a day and make him anxious for a while. Lin Daochang hurriedly asked him to sit in the pavilion and tell the whole story. A month ago, there were three consecutive cases of student suicide at Futaba Middle School. Oh, digital signage screen ,digital whiteboard price, plus the car accident case that was classified as suicide yesterday, it was the fourth case. At the beginning of the incident, everyone thought that the students were under too much pressure to study, and those students had already had various manifestations of depression before they committed suicide. Although it was distressing, it did not arouse suspicion, and even the parents of the students did not delve into it. It was not until after the third suicide that the parents of the student saw in their daughter's diary such remarks as "I don't want to die, why did he force me to die" and "I'm so scared" that they decided that it was murder, which led the police to intensify their investigation. As you can imagine, they didn't find out why. Later, he was instructed by the local geomancer to classify the case as a special case and report it to the Special Operations Department. Lin Daochang said: "Lao Dao's cultivation has stagnated over the years, so he stepped into the earthly world and traveled all over the world to seek opportunities.". When I passed by here, I happened to see that the organization had released this task, and I thought I had nothing to do, so I went on. I didn't expect that the ghost would be so difficult. I tracked it several times, but I only found some little devils driven by it. Later, I heard that there was something strange in the Ming family, and I thought maybe it had something to do with the sneakiness, so I came to the Ming family for this trip. Now that it has been proved that the affairs of the Ming family have nothing to do with the sneaks he wants to catch, Lin Daochang naturally does not have to stay in the Ming family. "Speaking of which," said Gou Liang, "I was there when the accident happened at the crossroads yesterday." His voice did not fall, the intimate Bi Xia has taken out the bottle containing the cross road ghost, will not have time to refine the fierce ghost released.
This ghost also died in a car accident, death hurt the eyes very much, Gou Liang forgot the original owner's timid and afraid of ghosts, or Bi Xia raised his hand to cover his eyes, took out sunglasses from his backpack and put them on him. Gou Liang was stunned, smiled sweetly at Bi Xia, and then told Lin Daochang about the cause and effect of yesterday's car accident. The fierce ghost died in a car accident three years ago at the intersection in front of Futaba Middle School. However, his death was not an accident. Originally, he was also a student of Futaba Middle School. His grades were very good, and he had the qualification to be sent to college. But there was only one place to be recommended, and his good friend was also qualified. For this place, he was pushed into the driveway by his good friend in an unprepared situation, and died on the spot in a car accident. The person who harmed him was not brought to justice, but got the place to be recommended as a matter of course, so his resentment turned into a fierce ghost. But because of his low cultivation, he only has the instinct of killing and running for his life. Counting what had happened before and after this fierce ghost, Lin Daochang looked at the fierce ghost who was roaring at him with a sigh and said, "The little devil I captured before also had an unfortunate life experience.". It is a pity that they have already committed murder. Even if they are sent to the afterlife of reincarnation, they will have to atone for the sins of this life, which will only be more unfortunate than this life. Gou Liang was not as merciful as he was. Hearing this, he only said, "Lin Tao-chang has been tracing for so long. What clues do you have?" Lin Daochang hurriedly said, "Lao Dao is incompetent. After several days of investigation, we only found out that these little devils all died three years ago, and they were all related to Futaba Middle School. They were either students or faculty members of Futaba Middle School before their death.". But I went to Futaba Middle School twice to investigate, but I failed to find the initiator. It's a shame to say. Gou Liang waved his hand and said, "The world is so big that there are people outside. There is no need for Lin Daochang to belittle himself.". I'm going to say goodbye to my friend and go to Futaba Middle School with the Taoist. Ming Ming had already woken up, but his blood was in deficit,interactive whiteboard prices, and he was very weak. He Huo had long wanted to take him back to the capital, but he was afraid that the ghost possessed by him had not been removed, so he did not dare to act rashly. hsdtouch.com

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