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Oct 11, 2022
6:23 PM
"Oh, yes." Ren Yi thought about his state a few days ago, even if it was useless to send it to him, he picked up the pen and signed it directly. Gong Yingxian opened his mouth and flashed a struggling look in his eyes. "Don't you want to see?" Ren Yi casually turned over twice and said with a smile, "This ghost can understand it. I know every word and I don't even know it. Anyway, the effect of the first stage is very good. Your doctor is really awesome. Thank you." Gong Yingxian gave a low "hmm". Ren Yi gazed deeply at Gong Yingxian: "I really felt bad just now, but after thinking about it, even if there are people in the police who can't be trusted, I believe you, you will catch the animals raised by the dogs ni-an/G, avenge your family, avenge my brothers, and avenge those innocent people who died in vain." Gong Yingxian's lips trembled gently, and he nodded slowly. See you in the Spring Festival. Ren Yi got out of the car and waved to Gong Yingxian before entering the squadron. Gong Yingxian looked at Ren Yi's back,touch screen board classroom, looked down at the contract on the copilot, and closed his eyes wearily. Chapter 122 Gong Yingxian sat in the car for a while and was about to leave when he saw a car stop in front of him, the door opened, and a tall and handsome man came down with some gift bags in his hand. On such a cold day, the man's coat is a cowboy that looks not very thick, as if his strong body is a natural magic weapon to keep out the cold. Gong Yingxian narrowed his eyes and felt displeased. It was none other than Yan Jue. The one who usually fraternized with Ren Yi,86 smart board, fought side by side with Ren Yi at the scene of the fire, and when Ren Yi was wounded on the battlefield, the first person to embrace him was Yan Jue, not himself. Gong Yingxian saw Yan Jue enter the squadron. He raised his wrist and looked at the watch as if he had a grudge against the pointer. He stared at them until they turned round and round for five minutes. He quickly unfastened his seat belt, grabbed his coat and was about to get off. But after thinking about it, he threw the cashmere coat on the seat. Walking into the squadron, several soldiers who knew him greeted him one after another: "Dr. Gong, what are you doing here?" "What's the matter? Where's your captain?" "In the reception room." Gong Yingxian strode to the reception room and knocked on the door three times. Enter. Gong Yingxian pushed the door and went in. Seeing that Ren Yi and Yan Jue were not alone-Qu Yangbo was also there, he breathed a sigh of relief. "Why didn't you go back to the precinct?" Asked Ren Yi in surprise. "I remembered something on the way and came back." Gong Yingxian glanced at Yan Jue with an expressionless face. Yan Jue's expression was shyly, and the corners of his mouth were lightly pulled with a little sarcasm. Obviously, digital touch screen board ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, he was not very happy with the appearance of Gong Yingxian. Qu Yangbo said hello to Gong Yingxian with a smile. What's the matter? "I'll tell you in private." He hasn't come up with an excuse yet. Oh, if you're not in a hurry, let's sit together for a while. Ren Yi said, "Yan Jue came to see me specially. He came from the western suburbs. It's quite far." "It's about 30 kilometers. It doesn't seem too far." Gong Yingxian squinted at Yan Jue and sat on the sofa beside him. "It's not far," said Yan Juechong with a smile. "There's no traffic jam on the Fifth Ring Road. It's quite fast." "You really don't have to come on purpose. I'm out of the hospital. It's all right." "It's because you didn't let us see you when you were in hospital, and I didn't say a word at the funeral yesterday. I've been worried about you." Yan Jue said, "I haven't been on vacation for a long time. I always said I would come to your squadron to have a look, but I didn't come. Now I come to your squadron. When will you go to my squadron?" "I'll definitely go after the New Year, and I'll take a vacation after I'm busy for a while." Gong Yingxian coughed lightly. Thought, Ren Yi is talking nonsense, clearly agreed to go out with him on vacation. I'm much relieved to see that you are in good condition today. Qu Yangbo sighed: "Sun's definition is a big blow to our entire squadron. We will always cherish his memory and remember him. But we also know that we can't always indulge in sadness. Especially as cadres, our emotions will affect the emotions of other soldiers, and then affect their safety." Yan Jue nodded and said respectfully, "Platoon leader Sun is a real hero and a real man." Ren Yi smiled bitterly and did not speak.
Yan Jue added, "Ren Yi, your command in Wenhui Mall is very excellent. Under such circumstances, you can complete the task and rescue the trapped people. It is not something that ordinary people can do. No command can guarantee that you can do it.". Don't blame yourself too much for the sacrifice of platoon leader Sun. "I know that's how everyone comforts me." "Because that's what everyone thinks." Yan Jue looked deeply at Ren Yi and said softly, "We don't want you to be too critical of yourself." Gong Yingxian scolded in his heart, "Don't mention this fool over and over again. Ren Yi can still feel a little better." You can rest assured that I will adjust myself no matter what. "Well, it's almost time for dinner." Qu Yangbo teased, "Captain Yan, you're stuck with a meal." Yan Jue raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Of course, let me inspect the food of your squadron." "Go, go, go. One of our cooks is from Sichuan and the other is from Guangdong. The cooking is delicious." Qu Yangbo asked Gong Yingxian, "Dr. Gong, let's have a meal together." "He can't.." said Ren Yi. "Good." Gong Yingxian agreed without hesitation. Ren Yi looked at Gong Yingxian in surprise. Captain Yan, I'll show you around our squadron first. Qu Yangbo said, "finally go to the canteen." Yan Jue looked at Ren Yi hesitantly and was finally pulled away by Qu Yangbo enthusiastically. When there were only two people left in the reception room, Ren Yi said, "Do you really want to eat in our squadron?"? But we don't have any new cutlery, and our kitchen is.. An ordinary kitchen. "I'll use your cutlery." Gong Yingxian said calmly. Ren Yi was a little happy, but felt uncomfortable for Gong Yingxian's abnormality: "What did you come back to me for?" “…… I want to see Miaomiao. Ren Yi's face was full of incredulity: "Did you come back just to see Miao Miao?" "No." Gong Yingxian said confidently,interactive whiteboard for schools, "isn't it my cat?" "Yes, it is." Ren Yi questioned again, "are you really just looking at Miao Miao?" ? hsdsmartboard.com

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