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Beautiful men walk all over the world
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Oct 11, 2022
6:16 PM
"Cut, obviously the whole body exudes a sour taste and does not admit that he is jealous, man ah ~ ~ ~ sad!"! But unfortunately, if you fall in love with me, you are doomed to take pains. I am not a good wife and mother, and I don't know how to sing with my husband! Ming Zheng snorted coldly and took out a bag of medicine from his bosom. "Hey, it seems that the medicine he cheated Xiaoyu to buy is useless. He still expects to see which man's life is worse than death!" With another murmur, she fell straight down into her big bed. The next day, Ming Zheng was forced to resume the treatment when he first came, the door is not allowed to go out, people are not allowed to see, Xiangyi said that she had been Haotian heavy money package down, so no longer need to receive guests. Singing Zheng was so happy that he hid in his room all day to fatten up, occasionally playing the lute and pretending to be a resentful girl, which led to another wave of topics about singing Zheng outside. But the good times did not last long, this kind of day to the third day, Ming Zheng has been idle, every day only to see the face of light rain, is a person will be visual fatigue. At night, the sky is far away with a half-moon, emitting a faint light, which makes people look at the past, like a dream. Ming Zheng sat alone on the window lattice and looked at the night scene, thinking nothing and ignoring everything. It was already night,outdoor ficus tree, and most of the people went to sleep, leaving behind either idle people like Mingzheng who were bored and wanted to find romance, or. Cock crowing, dog stealing. Even in the fugue Taixu, the senses of Ming Zheng are still very sensitive. Just like just now, accompanied by a burst of fragrance, a white figure swept past, and then landed firmly in the room of the Zheng. Good flying skill! Ming Zheng secret way, it seems that should be a practitioner,silk ficus tree, to guard against! Ming Zheng looked back, is a handsome guy, but a look is skittish, do not know what is single-minded playboy, especially a pair of beautiful eyes, has been staring at Ming Zheng discharge. It seems that more than a playboy so simple, the realm is so high, will not be met with a flower thief, right? Ming Zheng frowned: When did my charm become so high? Analysis is only a matter of a moment, Ming Zheng still sitting on the window lattice, curious to ask: "You … …" A flower picker? It's better to be Frank. Although there are no good people coming in from the window, Ming Zheng doesn't hate this person. The bearer did not expect the Zheng to be so direct. He hesitated for a moment and answered, "Yes!" This voice? It was the man who bid with Haotian that day! "What's the matter?"? It won't be.. Come and pick my flowers. Ming Zheng said. Haha, it's not good for women to be too smart. "What's wrong with being a silly woman who has to wait for a lifetime even if she's picked flowers?" "Interesting, very interesting!" The man touched his chin and looked at the sound of the Zheng as if he were judging a commodity. Sorry, I am a big living person, silk olive tree ,outdoor ficus tree, not the goods in the hands of vendors. Ming Zheng doesn't like that look. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Yu Jing. "Hello, my name is Zheng Min." People's upright self-introduction, they can not lose their courtesy, but things are one yard to one yard, although do not hate him, but this flower … .. "If you really come to pick flowers, I advise you to forget it. I'm not interested in you." Some things are better to come straight to the point. Oh, dear! Why didn't you say so? Yu Jing pretended to regret. Ming Zheng suddenly felt hot and dry, and uneasiness welled up in his heart. "What do you mean?" "Because the women I've seen before won't refuse me, so I often act first and report later, and then take the aphrodisiac." "What did you say?" Ming Zheng shouted without image: "You are too unprofessional. I haven't agreed with you yet." Besides, can I compare with those women? Or do you think you are a great onion and every woman in the world likes you? Ming Zheng still wanted to scold, but the heat and dryness of her body became more and more unbearable, and she was really afraid that she could not help rushing at that Yujing. Are you all right? Yu Jing is going to come over and hold the Zheng. Don't come over here! It's not too late to stop it. I won't go if you can't go? Why should I listen to you? Yu Jing laughed and went forward again. I said don't come here, come here again. Come here again and I'll bite you to death! Unfortunately, the threat of Mingzheng, which has no strength, is not deterrent at this time. All right, all right, bite me.
"Yu Jing, like coaxing a child, took the Zheng to bed, looked out of the window through the window, and then smiled eerily.". But Ming Zheng had no strength to pay attention to him. Damn! I was most afraid of ecstasy and aphrodisiac in my life, and I really fell on it. Ming Zheng was secretly angry, and waves of heat and dryness made her want to lean on Yu Jing. Yu Jing noticed her change and gave a charming smile: "What's the matter?"? Want it? Ming Zheng stared at him. Unfortunately, I may not be able to accompany you tonight, but you can rest assured that someone will help you. As soon as the voice fell, the door was opened with a bang-it was Hao Tian! Hao Tian looked angrily at the men and women on the bed, and even had the idea of killing people. That damn woman, just a few days to hold back? "Oh, don't stare. I just gave you a chance." Yu Jing said and looked at Ming Zheng. Hao Tian followed his eyes and looked at Ming Zheng, only to find that her face was not right. What did you do to her?! Hao Tian almost roared. No one, except himself, can touch her! Looking at Haotian's angry eyes, Yujing smiled: "Don't worry, it's just some aphrodisiacs, just.." . This aphrodisiac can only be solved by sexual intercourse between men and women. Otherwise.. Ha ha, Your Majesty, a moment of spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold. As soon as the voice fell, Yu Jing dodged and flew away like the Tathagata. Stop! Hao Tian wanted to chase him, but a groan from Ming Zheng stopped him. Miner, Miner, how are you? Hao Tian ran to the bedside and looked nervously at Ming Zheng. Hot It's so uncomfortable. Ming Zheng has no reason at all, only know that there is a body next to him, holding him so comfortable. Beautiful eyes half open, exudes a charming breath, fascinated Haotian some trance, I do not know why, today is thinking of her, has been thinking, so that in the evening really can not help, then out of the palace,large artificial blossom trees, just to see her, even if it is good to sleep face, and now.. hacartificialtree.com

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