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Oct 11, 2022
6:10 PM
"So many keys, if you run up and down with them, it will make a lot of noise, so what should I do?" Chu Tianming looked at the pile of keys with a worried face. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Chu Tianming subconsciously pinched the thick quilt. Old people, it is easy to be afraid of cold and heat, this is not, Wang Bo has now used a thick quilt. As soon as Chu Tianming saw this thick quilt, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration in his mind. Right! I can wrap handfuls of them in cloth, as long as they are wrapped tightly enough, they will not sway, they will not sway and make no sound, yes, that's it! After thinking about it, Chu Tianming immediately stood up, looked around the room, and then found a pair of scissors from the corner of the desk. Holding scissors, Chu Tianming carefully cut the sheets, cut out a strip of cloth, Chu Tianming immediately untied a key on the plastic board, and picked them up with the cloth. The keys on each floor will be wrapped in a thick layer of cloth by Chu Tianming. In this way, Chu Tianming directly wraps 65 keys on five floors into five parts, and then connects the five parts together with a longer cloth strip, so that it is easy to carry. After doing this, Chu Tianming sat down with a smile and rested for a while. Eh! My body feels much better,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and I'm not as hungry as I was just now! Chu Tianming stopped only to find that his body, which had looked a little weak, was much better now, and that his stomach, which had been wriggling all the time, was no longer wriggling, except that he felt a little hungry, and was not as uncomfortable as before. Thinking of this, Chu Tianming immediately checked his attributes. Host information: Name: Chu Tianming Gender: Male Physical condition: Slight hunger Cell viability: 2 Cell strength: 2 Nerve response: 2 Mental strength: 2 Overall rating: Level 2 organism Seeing the change of his attributes,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, Chu Tianming was overjoyed. Sure enough, it's not my illusion. My body has really recovered, but why? Physical recovery is a good thing, but if you don't know why, Chu Tianming always feels as uncomfortable as being scratched by a cat. Think carefully, this situation seems to be in their own killed the zombie after the start, is it because they killed a zombie? "No!"! If killing a zombie can restore the body, that is not too simple! After thinking about it, Chu Tianming rejected the possibility. Then, the only thing left is their new skills, the substitute! "That's right!"! Surrogate, didn't I get some Chakara? The so-called Chakara is also a kind of energy! Maybe it's what's causing my body to recover slowly! A pat on the forehead, Chu Tianming immediately a face of surprise. If it is really the effect of Chakara, then this lottery is really worth it, not only to get a life-saving skill, but also to get the body to slowly restore the energy of Chakara. It's not fast, but at least it can recover, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,sonicator homogenizer, right? It's much, much better than getting worse before! Chu Tianming laughed proudly when he thought that he had won such a valuable skill in his first lottery. After a little rest in Wang Bo's room, of course, Chu Tianming turned out some biscuits and other food that Wang Bo had hidden and ate a little, so that his physical condition column changed from a slight hunger to a new standard of good. After resting for a while and letting his body recover completely, Chu Tianming walked out of Uncle Wang's room. Also half squatting quietly walked to the stairway, Chu Tianming intends to start cleaning from the fifth floor, so he is now going back to the fifth floor. When Chu Tianming came, he was frightened, first, because of the fear of unknown creatures, and second, because of the weakness of his body. Now, these two problems are basically solved. The body has been completely restored, has been able to play a higher than the average adult twice the physical quality, and for zombies this creature, there is no fear before, after all, how to say Chu Tianming has personally killed one.
Although not calm in the face of living zombies, but at least Chu Tianming has the determination to slay these horrible creatures, there will be no more fear of their own limbs trembling before they start. With Chu Tianming's present physical quality, he can completely lift an object weighing 200 kilograms, can lift a heavy object weighing 100 kilograms, and hit it with one punch, which is even more comparable to an ordinary boxer. And more importantly, Chu Tianming's physical quality is very average, unlike some people who only exercise a certain part, the strength of his hands is very strong, but the strength of his legs is very small. Chu Tianming's whole body strength is very average, completely according to the normal adult data after doubling the degree, there is no deviation, even the mental strength and nerve reaction ability are exactly the same as the physical quality. This makes Chu Tianming even if he has just gained such power, but there will be no bad control of the situation, just a little activity, you can freely control the power of the heart, this is the benefit of average promotion. Otherwise, you only have great strength, but your nerve reaction is very low. In this way, you may not hit an ordinary person with a punch. He is not a target. He is a living person, but he will dodge! However, according to today's technology, although it can not be said to be impossible, it is thousands of times more difficult than a single promotion, but Chu Tianming has the help of the dead system, which is very simple. As long as you upgrade, you can double the quality, a little activity, you can thoroughly control the new power, there is no need to contact hard or anything. Of course, Chu Tianming at this time do not know what will happen after the upgrade, first, he did not ask, and second, he has not yet been upgraded,ultrasonic cutting machine, naturally unknown. Chapter 15 The Great Purge Begins, Target 507! Come to the fifth floor again. The quiet fifth floor echoed with a low roar, which was the roar of the zombies locked up in the dormitory. fycgsonic.com

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